SALGA NYC Panel on Sikhism and Homosexuality

On Sunday January 7th, SALGA NYC organized a panel on Sikhism and Homosexuality at the Kaurageous Love Health & Wellness Fair at the Sikh Cultural Society in Richmond Hill. Kaurageous Love is a group of women assisting women to live powerfully. The Sikh Cultural Society, located on 118th Street in Richmond Hill, is the largest gurdwara in New York City. Many, many thanks for Kaurageous Love for creating the space at the gurdwara for this panel. You can find out more about Kaurageous Love by clicking here. 
The panelists included P, a gay male and SALGA community member, and Kamlesh Bagga, a proud mother of a gay son. The panel was moderated by Jagpreet Singh, a community organizer. The entire panel is in Punjabi. Panelists discussed the struggles of coming out in the Sikh and/or Punjabi communities, how families, friends, and society has been accepting or not, and ways to support those who are coming out. They briefly touched on teachings from Sikhi and how they relate to homosexuality.
You can view part 1 below:  

Please click here to view part 2, click here to view part 3, and click here to view part 4.

Please note: SALGA NYC tried very hard to find women, femme, transgender, gender non conforming, genderqueer panel participants but unfortunately we could not find any who are comfortable being on a public panel. We will try harder for the next panel.

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