Who We Are


Our mission is to enable community members to establish cultural visibility and take a stand against oppression and discrimination in all its forms.


We are a social, political and support group for queer and trans people who trace their descent from the South Asian region from the countries such as Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Burma (Myanmar), India, Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Tibet as well as people of South Asian descent from countries such as Guyana, Trinidad and Kenya.


We pledge to encourage leadership development, provide multi-generational support, work towards immigration advocacy, address mental health and health issues such as HIV / AIDS, and foster political involvement in the interest of creating a more empowered society.



Join Us
Over the last 25+ years, SALGA NYC has served to promote awareness, acceptance, empowerment, and to create a safe inclusive space for people of all sexual and gender identities, who trace their heritage to South Asian countries and diaspora. This is only possible through the work of incredible volunteers who support us through their time and talent. SALGA NYC is a completely volunteer-run organization, and has no paid staff. Everyone on the SALGA NYC board steering committee is also a volunteer. If you would like to volunteer with SALGA NYC in any capacity, please click on Join Us button and fill in the form, and someone will be in touch with you shortly.


Address 208 West 13th St, New York, NY 10011
Email salganyc@gmail.com
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